Wordpress Manangement and security

In addition to our great hosting services, we go a step further by offering WordPress management services. This offering starts off with a 45 point security inspection to provide a more secure and safer website for you and your visitors. From there we continuously provide the following:

  • Real-time virus scanning
  • Daily backups
  • Weekly software updates
  • Monthly reports
  • Realtime monitoring to detect site outages.

Your site will also be connected to google search console and google analytics.  In the unlikely event, something happens we will restore your website to its former state.

Think of it as your guard dog, maintenance team, and vault all in one.

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Consulting services

As a small business owner, you know that “the cloud” is everywhere. Cloud services enable you to reach your customers in new and exciting ways. However, they also bring challenging safety and security concerns. Have you found that you struggle with balancing the implementation of IT best practices with addressing the needs of your clients? This is where Bruler Consulting can help.

We can take on the management of your cloud-based software and ensure that not only your data remain secure but that they meet US and EU privacy and security laws.

Are you growing and finding that your current IT solution isn’t meeting your needs? We can help by recommending a platform that will not only meet your needs today but can grow to meet your needs in the future.

Contact us today to see how we can partner with you on the evaluation, implementation, and support of cloud-based IT solutions so that you can focus on running your business and meeting your client’s needs.

All Of Our Services

Ignite your brand by owning your own domain.

Your domain name creates the starting point to your own address on the Internet. Use your imagination to choose a domain name that represents your brand and helps you stand out on the web.
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Fire up your website with our web hosting packages.

Our web hosting packages are designed to get you online fast, keep you online and come with premium services.
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Don't get burned, we'll manage your WordPress sites.

Don't let hackers destroy your brand. Our WordPress management offering begins with a 45 point security inspection
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Bespoke IT consulting solutions.

We will take on the IT burden allowing you to focus on your customers and business.  Contact us to learn how we can partner with you.
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