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Over the past 20+ years, my journey in IT has taken me from a 3rd shift print operator for a healthcare product distributor to leading an Enterprise Command Center for a large MSP (Managed Services Provider).

A turning point in my career came when I left my role at the MSP and was able to enjoy the rare opportunity to live abroad. While living abroad I met several entrepreneurs and startup leaders. Many of these leaders were struggling with the IT side of their business.  They were either focused on their core business and didn’t have the bandwidth to focus on IT, or they weren’t able to truly focus on their customers. In both cases they didn’t know about best practices or that they could even afford to have someone manage their IT environments for them, allowing them to truly focus on growing their business.

Knowing that this unfulfilled need exists in the community and knowing the level of support that I can provide have been my inspiration for starting Bruler Consulting.

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